Yogurt is something that brings joy to the hearts of many people (me, this guy, and every woman in a Dannon commercial). Many other people will rail against yogurt until they lose their limbs to dairy-hatred (it’s a thing). ICYMI, NPR appears to be doing the Lord’s work and bringing us all the yogurt news we need to make it through the day. Here it is:

  • In Texas, Edgar Diaz is so committed to the quality of his yogurt that he burned down his factory — and went to jail for it — rather than see it taken over by investors who wouldn’t care as much about the organic milk, the high-caliber honey, or the painstaking proper yogurt-making process. For your daily weep:

“You work so hard, but your feelings go down. You go into depression,” he says. “I drive to Three Happy Cows and I cry, and I don’t understand how some people can destroy everything. We worked 36 months, and these people destroy everything in three months.”

  • People around the world are losing their shit over how good skyr is, which makes sense, because skyr — an Icelandic yogurt — is probably the very best form of yogurt. This is a problem for Icelandic dairy farmers, because the entire island only has about 50 living things on it, and one of them is Björk, so they need more cows to keep up with skyr demand.
  • Does yogurt have the power to make you less of a raging lunatic? Likely not, because that is who you are deep in your soul, and a delicious dairy treat will never change that. A review of recent research, however, indicates that it could calm you down. But remember from Spanish 101: There’s a crucial difference between ser and estar! The inner peace is only temporary — until your next yogurt.