Welcome, vegans!

jbcurioWelcome, vegans!

Oktoberfest has always been very welcoming to vegans. But now the annual festivities are more inclusive to vegans who actually want to EAT at Oktoberfest. For the first time in two centuries, the German celebration includes soy cutlets, fake pork, and vegan wine. Because nothing says debauchery like abstinence!

According to ABC News, the changes are afoot due to increasing sensitivity to international visitors’ dietary restrictions. Plus, some 800,000 Germans are vegan, and about 7 million are vegetarians. They’ll be particularly happy with the changes from two Oktoberfest tent owners, the Bachmaiers and the Ammers:

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Among the dishes the [Bachmaier] family has added to its “Herzkasperl” beer tent’s repertoire are soy “pork” medallions with sauteed chanterelle mushrooms and the traditional cheesy egg noodle bake known as “Käsespätzle” — except without the egg or the cheese …

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Other tent owners, including the Ammers — who are famous for their roast chicken — have jumped on the culinary bandwagon. The family … is serving up a chicken fricassee, but replacing the meat with soy cutlets. The neighboring Fisch-Bäda tent, known for its vast selection of fish and seafood, has even added vegan red wine — filtered without the use of animal proteins — to its menu.

Wow. Did NOT realize wine was often filtered through a sturgeon bladder. (Spit take!) Anyway, although animal products are obviously Oktoberfest’s meat and potatoes, it’s cool to see the event encouraging vegans to drink until they forget they can’t eat cheese.

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