Not actually Sarah Palin, but still a pretty good book cover idea.

Have you seen Sarah Palin lately? She’s wearing those jeans with the crazy hooker-esque stitching on the pockets, and she looks like she gave herself one of those dye jobs where you pull the strands through a cap. Well, it turns out there’s a method to her MILFness — she’s writing a diet book. Or more accurately her entire family is writing a diet book, because Palin thinks the world should know how a group of people that go to KFC  for lunch and are proud of eating other disgusting things manage to not be obese.

The book is apparently going to focus on self-discipline — always useful for fitting into ugly jeans — and fitness. (And not necessarily hunting for food, even though that is actually interesting.) We wonder if doing curls with KFC drumsticks counts as exercise? We also wonder what the Palins’ favorite foods are (“um, all of them?”), and then we also think, do we have to think about these people eating?

Interestingly, there is no word on who bought this book or for how much and when it is coming out. All we have is the vague, joyous knowledge that it is a twinkle in her eye. Or, more accurately, a glint in her brassy highlights.

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