Is your kitchen overflowing with two-thirds-full jars of nutmeg you bought two winters ago? Then you may like this Kickstarter project called Seasonal Spices, which delivers a monthly packet of seasonally appropriate spices and recipes. You get the variety and flavor a fully stocked spice rack, without having to buy and store all those jars.

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If you’re committed to slow, healthy food, that means being committed to cooking, and good cooking requires good spices — but nobody cooks in batches that require a full jar of nutmeg or cardamom, and spices don’t last forever. As founder Tara Suan writes, “If the spices in my spice rack are years old, I’m just hoarding expensive dust.”

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That may be why Seasonal Spices already has almost 150 backers and is 93 percent of the way to its Kickstarter goal — people recognize a good idea when they see it. You can get a three-month subscription for an $18 pledge, or six months for $36. If you’re a serious cook with limited storage, it’s hard to pass up.

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