Food with a certified organic label MEANS something (namely, that the producer followed certain standards for soil, plants, and processing, among other things). Whereas food companies use the word “natural,” and sometimes an illustration of a barn, to sell any old thingeven GMOs, confusing shoppers with a term that sounds good but is ultimately meaningless.

This frustrating paradox gets the comedic treatment in this spoof ad from Only Organic:

While awesome, the video seems a TEENY bit fearmonger-y. Yes, it’s ridiculous that companies can slap a “natural” label on the most artificial, preservative-laden lab creation out there (and that people are actually swayed). But on the flip side, the organic seal doesn’t mean something is healthy. I’m under no delusions that organic cheese doodles are as good for me as an apple or a fistful of spinach.

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Consumers will just have to keep using our brains to select the food that’s good for us — while we pressure Big Ag to clean up its act and tell companies to quit shrouding their junk in deceptive advertising.

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