Mr. Seed is an organic seed, and he’s sexy. He eats dry-aged manure, reads from the Kama Seedra in a chest-baring silk robe, and is extremely angry about the pervading specter of Big Ag.

The manly kernel appears in a charming animated short by Seed Matters, a campaign pushing for more research on seeds for organic farmers. According to Mr. Seed, it’s wholesome, flannel-wearing organic varieties like him who are the antidotes to those “chem seed motherf****s” — portrayed in the video as roided-up gym bros snorting a parody version of a contentious herbicide.

But as with all first-impression charmers, we should all take this glib grain with a grain of salt. Seed Matters is an initiative of the Clif Bar Family Foundation, joining the host of sleek, high production-quality content from Companies with Agendas. (Here’s looking at you, Farmed and Dangerous.)

In the real world, of course, there’s not a clear choice between good and parodically evil. For instance, fertilizing all the world’s crops with manure — dry-aged or otherwise — might require many, many, many more ungulates than we already have.

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All of which is to say, go ahead and ogle Mr. Seed’s hot bod, but don’t bring him home just yet.

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