See something, say something.

USAF / Nate DorrSee something, say something.

A fishmonger in China was cutting up a fish when his knife struck something metal. No, it wasn’t a fish pacemaker or a fish peace medallion. It was a bomb. The squid, which was only about three feet long, had swallowed a three-pound bomb.

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The bomb is thought to be rather old and they can’t tell where it’s from, but it is still fully operational. Officials say the squid ate it thinking it was food, which is reassuring because it would be terrible to think the squid ate it thinking it was a bomb. That said, squid generally eat stuff like shrimp. And I’ve seen some big shrimp in my day, but not that big. And there’s never a bomb-size shrimp special at Red Lobster, although it is in keeping with its brand.

Chinese officials warned the public to turn food with bombs in it into the authorities. No warnings have been issued to squid concerning not eating things 200 times the size of what they usually eat, but one expects they would go unheeded. Squid today just don’t listen.

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