Peterson Farm Bros

The Peterson Farm Bros are three wholesome-looking Kansas guys who make farm-themed viral video parodies when they’re not, you know, growing our food. The latest from Greg, Nathan, and Kendal adds references to hay-baling and tractor safety into the ’90s Will Smith flava you know and love:

Previously, they turned “Sexy and I Know It” into “Farming and I Grow It,” which has the arguably superior line “I got passion for my plants and I ain’t afraid to show it.”

They’ve also done a Gangnam Style parody called “Working Farmer Style,” in which a young farmhand is attracted to a beautiful … hamburger:

We criticized that one for not featuring sufficient scenes of the brothers yelling at cow butts, but we have no quibbles with their Fresh Prince efforts. Dancing cows! Kitties! Moms! Reading! Do you think these guys are single?