Okay, normally it makes me throw up in my mouth a little to say "Mother Earth," but 16-year-old environmental activist Alec Loorz is just too cute, and he's helping to organize worldwide youth marches for the environment on Mother's Day. So the joke is inevitable. Your fault, adorable activist teen! Anyway, if you're looking for something green to do with your mom, there's probably a march in your town, and if there's not, you can start one! (Some of the marches aren't actually this Sunday, because of scheduling conflicts.)

Here's the marches' raison d'etre, and if this doesn't make you pump your fist, your heart has probably turned to dust:

Since we will inherit this world, iMatter was created to reach across regional, ideological, and ethnic borders, to empower youth to organize, and be heard on the issue of global climate change. We are not only the generation who will suffer most from its consequences. We are also the generation who will bring about the change needed to create a sustainable and just society that values nature and future generations as much as short term interests.

Alex is also leading a suit against the government for failing to protect his and his peers' future. Thank goodness young people have sunnier outlooks than their elders!

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