The Senate voted down a bill that would have ended tax subsidies for the five biggest oil companies. The bill had little to no chance of passing the House and becoming law, but the Senate wussed out on taking a stand even on a bill crafted only to score political points.

In Maryland, "renewable energy" will come from the sun, the wind, and incinerated trash.

We told you last week that the Fish and Wildlife Service was set to move forward on evaluating and listing 251 potentially endangered species, after a court settlement. Psych! The Center for Biological Diversity objected to the settlement, so the question's back in court.

Threats from hydrofracking make Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River America's most endangered river, says the environmental group American Rivers.

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A senior NOAA scientist warned that solar storms, which should peak around 2013, will screw with satellites and navigation systems have "potentially devastating effects." But the world is supposed to end this Saturday, so no bigs.

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