Harry Reid met with Big Environment last night to strategize a defense of the Clean Air Act. Politico says a key point of debate was whether enviros should go after errant, but potentially vulnerable Dems on green issues during the next election cycle.

Senators rejected a bill that would have sped up oil drilling, then patted themselves on the back for being awesome about the environment. Meanwhile, 53 new shallow-water drilling permits have been issued under post-spill laws.

Flooding in the Mississippi basin: bad for humans who live there, good for humans who like to eat crawfish and shrimp. Expected flooding in Wyoming: probably not good for anyone.

Environmental advocacy groups want to see Hillary Clinton's emails with an ex-staffer and key lobbyist for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and they want to see them now. They're suing the State Department to expedite release of the emails. Call it “Greenwater.”

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Rachel Carson killed DDT, right? Wrong! It's being used in Africa to fight malaria, which, yay, saves lives, but also, boo, screws organic farmers.

China admitted that its Three Gorges Dam maaaay have led to some problematic environmental consequences.

Yum, sustainable unagi. (Yah, that's eel. But unagi sounds less creepy.)

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