If you got all warm and fuzzy reading our previous post about the revitalization of the Howe Sound, and if you want to keep that feeling, don't read this post. Because it is the exact opposite story, one in which humans mess up the environment and can never, ever take it back.

In Scotland, from 1963 to 1984, a nuclear plant leaked lethal-if-ingested radioactive waste. That waste got all over beaches and other lovely sea-side resources. A while back, the Scottish version of the EPA recommended that someone make this right and return the area to a "pristine condition."

But now, they're giving up. The radioactive particles have settled into the sand and aren't doing as much damage there, supposedly, as they would if humans went in and tried to fix what they had wrought. So they're just going to sit there, radiating, for a very long time.

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