Take the haiku road. (Photo by Alan Levine.)

We asked for your best Earth Day haikus, and you rhymed beyond reason. Now it’s time to see democracy in action: Help us pick Grist’s official haiku in time for Earth Day! Drumroll, please:


OK … we are screwed
we just don’t know how bad yet
mmmm organic beer

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Don’t have a cow, man
To carniv-err is human
To forgive, bovine


“Some say the world will
End in fire. Some say in ice.”
Whoops! We answered Frost.

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Climate change meant nil
til they told me my pancakes
must go syrupless.


It has come to this:
We knit sweaters for penguins
And sloths need jammies


We’ve made a mess, no?
Somewhere, some god is typing:


Climate change — who cares?
Oh, chocolate under threat?
OK, now I care.


You think climate change
means hotties in less clothing?
Harsh winters kill dreams.


The planet is screwed
So are all of us on it.
Cheap yuks keep us sane.

[Editor’s note: We’re keeping these anonymous till we have a winner.]