Michael Dettlaff went to an Arkansas state park, spent 10 minutes looking at the ground, picked up a rock, and left $15,000 richer.

This chain of events sounds a little less implausible when you know that the rock was a diamond. And the park was called Crater of Diamonds State Park. And you’re allowed to go there, look for diamonds, and keep anything you find.

Still, it doesn’t happen that often. Since 1975, only 31 people have found diamonds over five carats at the park. (This one is the 27th largest of those.)

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The New York Daily News writes:

The Apex, N.C., family didn’t even realize what it had.

“When I brought this rock out of the bag the guy who’s there, he just went bug-eyed and he said, ‘Hang on a second. I need to take this to the back room,’” Michael told ABC. “So then people start coming from everywhere and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah. It’s a big diamond.’”

The 5.16-carat “God’s Glory Diamond,” as renamed by Michael, could be worth as much as $15,000.

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We hope this is going into Michael’s college fund, because he’s going to need all the credentials he can get if he hopes to keep making the equivalent of $90,000 per hour.

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