Imagine an Italian chef tossing fresh pizza dough aloft in slow motion. Now imagine a drunk frat boy eagerly wrestling his pizza box from the underpaid delivery guy. Do you hate happiness and magic? Do you want both of those imaginary pizza commercials to DISAPPEAR?

If so, 3D-printed pizza is for you.

Writes the Daily Dot:

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A Barcelona-based startup called Natural Machines is taking 3-D printing into the final frontier — the kitchen. Natural Machines’ product, which currently in the latter stages of development, is called Foodini. With it, you can print a pizza, or other food products, from the comfort of your own home.

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Natural Machines says making a perfectly round crust and even layer of sauce are the trickiest parts of pizza-making, so why not let a 3D printer handle both steps?

Hmm. Yes, near-instant food in your kitchen is awesome and genie-like. But what about (to borrow a phrase) the joy of cooking? Mixing shit up, pouring it into a muffin tin or whatever, waiting for stuff to rise … cooking and baking have sort of a nice rhythm and ritual to them, don’t they?

But maybe 3D printing pizza dough isn’t that different from buying a premade crust at the supermarket; it’s probably way better than ordering Domino’s. Plus, not everybody has the time, money, or desire to drizzle a balsamic reduction over a strawberry and arugula salad like some fancypants Julia Child. Maybe 3D printing food doesn’t worsen our ADD, instant-gratification culture; perhaps it’s just a product of it. By the time you’re done with a long day, you just want a quick, convenient meal that tastes good and won’t kill you, right?

And if a $1,300 3D printer fits into that, more power to you.