In Dalston, a gentrifying neighborhood in northeast London, you can spend the afternoon scaling tall buildings, like Spiderman, without risking your neck.

The Dalston House, built to resemble the Victorian-era architecture that once dominated this neighborhood, lies on the ground. Angled above it is a wall of mirrors. When you move around on the horizontal facade, anyone looking in the mirror sees you hanging off the building, perching on a ledge, or crawling like Spiderman straight up a wall.

It does look fun! The artist commissioned to create this work, Leandro Erlich, has a thing for “spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries,” according to one gallery that shows his work.

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Here’s a whimsical look at what’s possible in this space:

The Telegraph has a little bit more practical look at what’s possible here:

It’s there all month, if you happen to be in London, and want to twist your reality a little bit.

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