Is it weird that my crush on Emma Thompson rivals the world’s crush on Leo “Man Bun” Dicaprio? Um, no! Just listen to that crisp diction! The unflinching dedication to calling it like she sees it! Sure, Leo’s got the whole “I’m just a regular guy” thing going, but can you resist some stern climate chiding from P.L. Travers herself?

If you disagree, and for some reason favor a multiple-Oscar-nominated climate hawk to a multiple-Oscar-WINNING one, then you clearly haven’t watched this video yet:

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Here are my top four reasons that Emma Thompson is officially my new favorite climate hawk:

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1) Like a certain clairvoyant, she can see the future better than many economic pundits: “[Addressing climate change now] is the opposite of a luxury, of course. What climate change will do, if we do not act on it now, is cost us trillions more than what it is currently costing us. If we had invested 30 years ago in renewables that are so available to us … we would have saved so much money by now.”

2) She knows how to dole out a spoonful of sugar with our medicine: “I think it’s very, very important we don’t feel despairing about it. We are so capable of turning this thing around, but we do need to demand that our governments take these steps.”

3) I mean, she’s so sensible they made a whole movie about it.

4) ABOVE ALL: I have Thompson to thank for Captain Amelia, a fictional namesake to be proud of, instead of the usual mean English matrons and daft housemaids I’ve had to put up with my whole life.

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(And sorry, Leo, you can have second place.)