PSA, teenagers: Don’t get drunk and steal stuff. That said, if you do get drunk and steal stuff, you could do worse than to (humanely) steal a circus llama and take it on a public transit tour of Bordeaux, France.

The Daily Dot reports that the teens said Serge followed them “as a good dog would have done”:

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Allegedly, the five then brought Serge to the Bassins à Flot tram station. Though a station agent stopped the train to investigate reports of a llama on board, the five took advantage of the chaos of the stopped train to board another one, and were arrested at the Place de la Comédie station.

Just to be clear: Only the human llama joyriders were arrested. Serge faced no legal consequences; he was returned to the circus, where he received a clean bill of health and was subsequently elevated to meme status:

A Facebook fanpage devoted to them has nearly 700,000 likes, and is filled with contributions like a custom-made subway card for Serge. Other users have added their own photos of the subway-riding llama. A Tumblr in his honor photoshops Serge into pop culture tropes like Madonna (Llamadonna) and Lana Del Rey (Llama Del Rey).

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Obviously kidnapping a llama is a terrible idea and we don’t condone it, even if you are planning to play Spanish guitar at it or bring it to the dentist or introduce it to FBI agents. (This has been your Llama Video Interlude.) But we have to assume that everyone else on the Bordeaux tram that night — as well as possibly Serge himself — had the greatest public transit ride of their lives.

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