We kicked off this month’s foray into the urban jungle with an ode (in the form of a playlist) to the public spaces that shaped hip hop. “Parks,” Ben Adler wrote, “are where people without big houses, and people who are too young or too poor to gather in bars, go to party.” Even if you’re not a hip-hop head, you probably still feel the draw of the neighborhood park when you’re craving a collective good time, and you probably have a favorite jam or two that you automatically associate with kickin’ it outside.

So we took to Facebook to ask our park- and party-loving readers what their favorite day-in-the-park songs are. There was some inevitable overlap among the 150 or so responses (y’all love Chicago, don’t you?), but we ended up with an impressively diverse collection of 42 songs that we put together into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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