Homeboy Industries is pretty cool — and not just in name. Founded by Jesuit priest “Father G,” the L.A. nonprofit has been helping people escape gangs for 25 years through tattoo removal, job training, rehab, and more. The nonprofit even helps former gang members start on a career in solar panel installation:

[T]he non-profit has an established training program in which it covers tuition and materials costs for its participants who want to join the East Los Angeles Skills Center’s solar installation training and certification program.

But Father G and his homeboys and homegirls don’t use solar power at the nonprofit … YET. That’s where not-bad indie rock band Trapdoor Social comes in. (Ignore the fact that the name sounds like Facebook for butt-flap pajamas.)

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Rather than crowdfunding their next album, the band — which draws musical inspiration from climate change — is raising $20,000 to get solar panels on the roof of Homeboy Industries.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

And you don’t just get to feel good about donating — giving $35, for instance, gets you a French lesson with cute curly-haired singer Skylar Funk. You’ll help Les Homeboys out, oui?