A general rule of thumb for healthy eating: The more colorful your food, the more chock full of vitamins and other niceties it will be. But a German company has figured out how to turn that rule on its head. The Deli Garage has created an edible spray paint called Ess Lack that you can use to paint your food a bright gold, silver, red, or blue.

Supposedly, Ess Lack means “Food Finish,” but it sounds suspiciously like Ex-Lax to us. (It does make a little bit sick to our stomachs to see a cooked goose painted gold.)

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Also, as a rule, we do try not to eat anything that has “ethanol” in its list of ingredients. But if you’re going to buy pale, hard, out-of-season tomatoes, perhaps you do need a product like this to disguise how sad they look otherwise.

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