Anana, a polar bear, lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. And for a polar bear, that’s basically the equivalent to living in Costa Rica. It’s fricking warm — even when it gets cold, it’s like, pleasant cold, you know? And so, like a super-tan American expat, Anana has adapted to her new home. She’s still got her polar bear blubber — she’s not a native, after all — but, compared to the juicy, five-inch thick layer of protective fat she’d have grown back home, it’s pretty thin.

And so, when the temperature drops to 0 degrees F (-40 with wind chill!), Anana gets cold. DNAinfo:

Anana … is keeping warm in a “climate-controlled” area in the wake of the city’s below-zero temperatures, according to zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar.

“She doesn’t typically enjoy the very cold much,” Dewar said of the 12-year-old polar bear. “Few of us are accustomed to this cold.”

You know it’s cold when the polar bear wants to go inside and snuggle up.