A group of researchers looked at health surveys covering 89 percent of the world’s population and came to a surprising conclusion — Americans are not the least active people on the planet.

Six in 10 of us get “30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week,” “20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week,” or a combination of the two, the Economist reports.

The most physically inactive people are the Maltese, 72 percent of whom do not get enough exercise. The second and third least-exercising countries are Swaziland and Saudi Arabia.

Overall, 31.1 percent of people are “physically inactive,” the study found, and women don’t get as much exercise as men.

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Man, America, we are falling behind. Most of the horrible fast food items we’ve reported on recently have been from other countries, and now we’re not even the biggest slugs in the world? It’s like you guys don’t even realize we have a reputation to maintain.

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