Paris is finally catching up with those cutting-edge trendsetters in Ohio — the City of Lights has decided to follow the herd and use a flock of adorable sheep as lawnmowers. The city’s municipal archives have a half-acre or so of grass right next to them, and four two-foot high Ouessant sheep will have the honor of grazing on that grass to keep it in check.

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It’s an adorable idea, but there are two problems:

  • The sheep may cause problems for the “four distinct varieties of orchids” that have shown up on the lawn.
  • They’re being kept in their paddock by an electric fence.

Not to be a buzzkill, but replacing gas-guzzling lawnmowers with sheep that need to be penned in by an energy-sucking electric fence doesn’t exactly add up to great green savings. On the other hand, they are WAY more fun to look at than lawnmowers.

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