It might be rainy. It might be muddy. You might speed through a disgusting puddle on your bike. But if you took a few seconds to slap on a Musguard fender, you and your clothes will be protected from the tell-tale tracks of biking in the rain.

Made of recycled polypropylene plastic, designed by Niko Klansek, this little invention is beautifully simple. Wired reports:

The Musguard fender is a 35 gram strip of polypropylene plastic that has been designed to wrap snugly around a bike’s tubular frame and easily transform into a rigid, backsplash-blocking fender if storm clouds gather. The design is minimal, elegant, and to cap off its impressive list of hipster bona fides, the Musguard fender is made from recycled plastic and manufactured in Europe.

It’s super-easy to install and remove, too — unroll, crease, strap on, voila.

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You can support the project on Kickstarter. For $25, your reward is one Musguard. For $50, you also get a T-shirt and a spoke card. For $100, you get the rad “cyclist in the rain” poster in the video above. We’re in.

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