If you harbor dreams of traveling the world but suffer from the attendant hand-wringing and guilt (these haaaaands! So wringèd!) that comes with a circumnavigational carbon footprint, you are in luck. Photographer Kien Lam spent two years visiting 15 countries to assemble a globe-trotting timelapse that enables you to do the same in about four minutes.

Countries you will now never have to explore, meet people in, try delicious probably gross and weird food from, or directly experience in any way include: Honduras, Australia, Mexico, the United States (snooze), New Zealand, Scotland, England, Germany, Denmark, Nicaragua, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates. And as a truly impressive feat, Lam also speed-documented the imaginary locales of Middle-earth and Burning Man.

Actually, the list gets more extensive, since — prepare to get jealous — this is the second time Lam has done this:

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Lam, we salute you for enabling us to get worldly in a bathroom-break-long brain dump. Or maybe he’s done the opposite and we’ve just booked tickets for, um, everywhere. Oops!