[vimeo http://vimeo.com/78910288]

A Swiss architecture firm called Bureau A designed this contraption for “a local bar and cultural center” in Hanoi, Vietnam, called Ta di Oto. It’s a bike with a tower, that has seven “stories” — seven different levels you can sit on, really. It looks like it’s about the height of a one-story building.

So, we can’t help but ask … what’s the point of this thing? I mean, it’s neat but … why?

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The answer, it turns out, is basically JUST CUZ.

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Bureau A calls it a “mobile house-bia-hoi-kitchen-anything.”

The architect told Dezeen that “The main purpose of this mobile device was to do a sort of humble ‘performance’ using local know-how and culture” — whatever that means.

Or here’s another stab at it from the architecture studio:

Conceived as a support for small pieces of lives, as an ephemeral house or as a vertical street food restaurant, it might deviate from its original yet wide function and become something else, an unexpected urban animal. A mini-concert hall? A poetry podium ? It probably just needs to circulate, to stroll around the busy streets of Hanoi and then it’ll decide by itself which disguise to adopt.

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As far as we can tell, it decided to adopt the disguise of a bicycle with a crazy tower attached to it. That’s kind of enough for us! But we’re easily amused.