Thanks to Valleywag and Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffery, the internet now knows what an immense jackass Pax Dickinson is. The (as of now, fired) Business Insider CTO has been trumpeting his racist, sexist, classist, and homophobic views on Twitter for years, with gems like “Aw, you can’t feed your family on minimum wage? Well who told you to start a fucking family when your skills are only worth minimum wage?”


TwitpicDidn’t anyone tell Pax Dickinson duckface is over?

Jeffery chronicled Dickinson’s most offensive, side-eye-worthy tweets on Monday. Unexpectedly, mixed in with all the brogrammer arrogance and chauvinism is some loathing for bikers and environmentalists:

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via Clara Jeffrey

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Dickinson also pooh-poohed Business Insider posts about climate change:


Business Insider

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Something tells me he’s not a big fan of vegetarians and vegans, either:

If only we knew what this dick(inson) thought about solar panels and urban planning! Good riddance, bro.