One of the worst things about biking — other than, you know, asshole drivers and cities not being designed with you in mind — is the difficulty of toting your stuff along. Enter the Transport Commuter Bike, a truly spiffy bicycle with a hollow front wheel. You can stuff your briefcase, change of clothes, or backpack inside:

Designer David Hotard wanted to “design a bike around bags, not a bag around bikes,” according to his site. He literally reinvented the wheel to create a bike with a car-inspired “trunk.”

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Like Cool has more deets:

The storage compartment [was made] using PET-G vacuum-formed over a sign foam mold, and the hubless wheel rotates around a system of six bearings. The Transport bike weights around 25 lbs. Creators claim that’s about as heavy as your average road bike.

It’s unclear whether the hole for your stuff closes, but maybe it doesn’t need to — this bike puts the “petal” in “centripetal force.” Plus, this way your bag can watch the scenery as you chauffeur it around town.

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