Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding I'm living at the White House

U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceRing-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding I’m living at the White House

It’s complete chaos in D.C. during the government shutdown — human sacrifice, foxes and squirrels living together, mass hysteria. Well, at least that middle one. Squirrels, birds, and at least one fox are running rampant on the White House grounds, and because of the shutdown there’s nobody to tell them no.

The White House groundskeepers are on furlough until the government grinds into action again, and according to Eddie Gehman Kohan, the author of food policy blog Obama Foodorama, that means the gardens are going to hell:

The gardeners are not allowed to harvest the crops, a White House source told Obama Foodorama.  Weeds are springing up everywhere, and the vegetables that have already fallen off the vines are now mouldering on the ground.

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There are also mushrooms popping up inside and outside the garden beds, and leaf litter raining from the trees like confetti.  The wildlife that lives on the historic 18-acre campus–including a newly arrived fox now making a home at the White House–are having a field day.

But hey, at least the fox — which showed up two weeks ago and has been spotted multiple times — has plenty of wholesome home-grown veggies to eat.

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