You, like most of us, have likely spent hours sprawled on the wooden floor of your local book store (actually, don’t do that — they get mad), flipping through books with titles like Tiny Home: Simpler Shelter and dreaming of a downsized, unfettered, monkish lifestyle. Living in teensy quarters can be a great option to get closer to your boo, save money, and fulfill your childhood dream of living in a dollhouse — all while being ultra-sustainable.

But I’m here to tell you that things are getting out of control.

Tiny Heirloom, a Portland-based tiny house design company, specializes in luxury versions of everyone’s favorite nano-homes on wheels. Think of them as hipster guardian angels bringing your most glorious Pinterest dreams to life — for a hefty sum. While the average owner-constructed tiny house costs around $23,000 to build, Tiny Heirloom houses start at a whopping $65,000. So much for avoiding that mortgage!

The package, however, includes some pretty posh features: granite counter tops; bamboo flooring; stainless steel appliances, like a washer/dryer combo and a gas stove; and hardwood detailing.

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Ahh, the simple life.

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