The first bike hardware project that Slava Menn Kickstarted was a bike light that no one could steal. He’s provided thousands of them to bikers, all over, and so far, only 0.2 percent of them — about 10 total — have been stolen.

Now he has a new Kickstarter project: an even better bike light.

What is better than a bike light that no one can steal? A bike light no one can steal that’s so sturdy it will outlive your bike.

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This new light has the same sort of “proprietary set screw” as the anti-theft one. But it’s also got aluminum casing, better waterproofing, a battery that pops out and recharges through a USB line, and a really, really bright light. Menn and his team, the Fortified Bike Alliance, say it’s indestructible. And if they’re wrong, well, no skin off your back — they’ll give you another one for free.

The only question we had was about the battery. I mean, it’s great if no one steals your light, but it’s less great if they steal the battery that powers the whole thing. The FBA says:

We purposely don’t require a tool to take out the batteries, instead there’s a “trick” to open them, like a pill bottle. If you know the trick, it’s easy. If you’re a thief, it’s hard.

We can’t open pill boxes half the time anyway, so we’re reasonably convinced by this.

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They’re making a front light and rear light, in normal and “boost” (with a really, really, really bright light). A pair of the boost lights is $129 on Kickstarter right now. Get ’em! Because if you wait for someone else to get them so that you can take them, you’re going to be S.O.L.