Mick Hussin was on vacation, sitting by the bank of a creek. A group of dogs ran by, and he noticed that they were chasing a tiny baby wallaby. They chased the wallaby right into the creek, where he started drowning.

So Hussin went to rescue him.

He pulled the wallaby out of the water, and started giving the tiny animal CPR, a skill he’d acquired only weeks before. “I used my hand as a funnel and blowing into its mouth, put it on its side,” he told a local news station.

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He did that for 10 whole minutes.

And then, finally, “it started to move its paw a tiny bit and then vomited and started to come back to life,” Hussin said.

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He dried the little animal off, made a pouch for it, and kept it warm. And then he did the smart thing and called a local wildlife group.

The wallaby, the group says, is “recovering well.”