You know how we talk about climate change as an existential threat to human civilization? There are a handful of thought-experimenters who suggest that, when the Antropocene does in all the “Anthro,” other species will inevitably move up into the ecological niches we vacate. The best candidate for the job? Rats.

Welcome to the hypothetical Ratocene. The Adaptors have the story about what a future rat-world might look like in their podcast this week — but they also got the on-the-ground scoop from rats on the ground. They’re surprisingly talkative: Watch the video above to find out the hopes and fears of some of New York City’s finest rodent residents. (Hint: They’re about as conflicted as we are.)

And if you haven’t heard The Adaptors yet — check yourself. The whip-smart tag-team of Flora Lichtman and Katherine Wells are taking on the very wacky world of climate adaptation in brand new ways, with a podcast that explores everything from human-made tornadoes and earth-bound stars to whether we should consider genetically modifying humans to be more climate-friendly (cat eyes, anyone?). Not to mention they’ve got the low-down on yak science, and a series of climate confessions I think we can all secretly identify with.

Confession time: We have a little bit of a crush (ok, we have quite a few) and we’re looking forward to seeing what they get up to next. If you agree, may we suggest you subscribe to the podcast?

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