Has America ever loved a blowhard as much as Stephen Colbert? No, it has not — and that includes everyone here at Grist. For the last nine years, Colbert has shone a divine light of truthiness on our issues, making them sing and resonate. And tonight he ends his eponymous show to replace America’s previous reigning blowhard, David Letterman. He’ll drop his conservative persona and let the real Colbert shine for his new gig. But if we’re lucky, maybe he’ll sneak tar sands into the Top 10 or something. (Pretty please, Stevie??) Let us now mourn and celebrate with our 10 favorites:

1. Remember that beautiful moment when Naomi Klein burned capitalism on the Colbert Report?

2. And the time when Stephen told children to dream of being a scientist with zero grasp of science?

3. Who could forget the magical duo that is Neil Young and Stephen Colbert, teaming up to sing about the Earth?

5. Everything should be fracked, according to Stephen.

6. Who better to be a celebrity spokesmodel for farm workers?

7. Watch Stephen take his frustrations out on a plant.

8. According to Colbert, nature is boring. You can’t buy anything there.

9. Colbert managed to poke fun at both sides of raw milk debate in this clip:

10. And, finally, this great segment on coal rollin’. We hope Colbert belches exhaust all the way home.