It’s that time of year again: goat time — when hundreds of happy goats stampede down the hillsides of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory like a waterfall of fur, horns, and crazy eyes.

For the last 18 Junes, the Berkeley Lab has hosted a herd of goats on campus to chomp on the lawn. Giving the grass a good goat-trim decreases wildfire risk, which is highest during summer. Goats get a nice grassy snack, grass doesn’t ignite, people see cute goats — it’s a win-win-win!

The herd this year is made up of 800 goats of differing breeds, including Angora, Alpine, Boer, Nubian, pygmy, and Spanish (you’re going to want to click on all of those links, FYI). According to The Daily Californian, the goats are provided by the delightfully and appropriately named company Goats R Us.

The animals will roam the campus for five to six weeks, managed and cared for for by on-site herders — not the man in the video above, who is doing a garbage job of goat-herding. Goats can’t read, bro!

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