I don’t know what you all look for in a mate, but if one of those qualities is “a willingness to trade farm labor for the possibility of romance,” you might skip speed dating and go for “weed dating.”

The AP explains:

Typically, speed daters meet at a bar or restaurant and switch conversational partners every few minutes, in hopes of finding someone compatible. With weed dating, this rapid-fire courtship takes place on the farm, with singles working together in the fields.

Women are assigned to particular rows and instructed in the art of weeding. Men have to switch rows every three minutes and learn from women what they’re supposed to do.

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Weed dating is preferable to speed dating in many ways. Instead of sitting on your butt in a depressingly lit room, at least you are outside. And you can get a lot of information about a potential partner: Does he or she pitch in or sit idle while you do all the weeding? Is that cute guy intelligent enough to distinguish a zucchini plant from a weed? Why is that other one so prissy about getting his hands dirty? (And if he can’t deal with dirt, how’s he going to ever change a baby diaper?) Was that girl really so out of it that she thought weed dating would involve pot in some fashion? (Or is that what you were looking for?)

And at the end of the night, if you really hit it off with someone, well, it’ll probably be pretty easy to find a place for a quick roll in the hay, given that you’re already on a farm.

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