Duck and cover.

Duck and cover.

What is it about ducklings that makes them so cute? Is it their distant yet undeniable resemblance to Peeps? The small “cheep cheep” that awakens some seed of evolutionary biology, making us want to smooch them instead of turn them into kabobs? I don’t know; that’s why I’m asking you.

Anyway, this mama duck was all “YO COPS, my kidlets are trapped in this drain!” and the cops rescued them and plopped ’em back in the water, and they swam happily around their mom and all was well in the world. Except maybe the mom duck was really like “HEY humans, get the eff away from my kids! I never asked to be a YouTube star, so PLEASE GO AWAY.” Until Google Translate adds “duck” to its languages, we’ll never know.

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