We’ve been saying for a while that expensive gas is good news — not just because the expense of filling a tank could drive people into the arms of bikes and subways, but because affordable gas is a sign of a weak economy. But Fox News has continued to cling to the conviction that lower gas prices are best — probably because Obama was president and gas prices were on the rise.

Well, now gas prices are dipping a bit, but Obama is still president, so it’s time for their views to “evolve.” Media Matters caught various Foxers claiming that lower gas prices are now a sign of Obama ruining the economy.

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Of course, Fox is only giving Obama credit for lower gas costs as a harbinger of a ruined economy. When it comes to the fact that gas, you know, costs less, he should by no means get credit, according to Fox host Stuart Varney:

[H]e has had nothing to do with bringing the gas price down the last few days. He’s had everything to do with pushing the gas price up over the last three years.

So, to sum up: High gas prices are a sign of economic recovery, and Obama is to blame for the gas prices, but should not get credit for the recovery, which does not exist, because Obama is president. Low gas prices are a sign of a flagging economy, which is Obama’s fault, but the low gas prices have nothing to do with him. Sounds legit.

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