House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set a soft deadline of June 19 for committee leaders to finish their review of the climate and energy bill that passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee last month. But she hasn’t set a deadline for passing the bill out the full chamber.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Pelosi said passing the bill is “urgent” and affirmed that “we want to go forward as soon as possible,” but stopped short of imposing a deadline.  She also said that the June 19 date for committee work to be done is not hard and fast; legislators could get an extension “if they are making progress and they need more time.”

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She has, however, set a concrete goal for passing health-care legislation. “By the end of July … for sure, we will pass the health-care bill in the House of Representatives. That’s our commitment to the president.”

The big climate and energy package is not getting the same firm deadline. “We’ll bring the bill to the floor when the bill is ready, and not one day sooner,” said Pelosi.

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