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The American Petroleum Institute has launched a website to promote its anti–climate bill astroturfing efforts.

Site visitors can sign an e-petition to tell their lawmakers, “I call on Congress to reject climate change policies that could raise energy costs and eliminate American jobs.” The site also provides resources to help you “share your story” about why acting against climate change will destroy America, apple pie, and puppies.

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No kidding about the puppies. In a video currently featured on the site’s homepage, set to maudlin music, Texans talk about how the Waxman-Markey climate bill would wreak havoc in their lives, including one future veterinarian who argues that if energy prices rise and people have less disposable income, “it would affect how much money they spend on their pets, or even if they would have a pet.” Does Congress hate puppies?!

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There’s also a toolkit to help people organize, and a campaign presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To its credit, the site doesn’t hide its backers — all 114 supporting organizations are listed, including many state and national trade groups representing the oil, gas, coal, and agribusiness industries, as well as major conservative organizations. A partial list:

Agribusiness Council of Indiana
American Conservative Union
American Farm Bureau Federation
Americans for Tax Reform
American Highway Users Alliance
American Trucking Associations
Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers
Illinois Coal Association
Independent Petroleum Association of America
National Association of Manufacturers
National Black Chamber of Commerce
National Federation of Independent Business
National Petrochemical and Refiners Association
National Taxpayers Union
Ohio Coal Association
Pennsylvania Coal Association
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Does that sound “grassroots” to you?

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