While waiting, once again, to see if BP’s latest plan to plug its Gulf gusher will work, we decided to amuse ourselves by taking a look back at the lighter side of this environmental apocalypse. First (and last) stop: YouTube. Pass the popcorn. Here’s a BP dirty dozen:

But I really hate when it gets in your trunks:

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Giant hole in the sea floor:

Sing, dummy, sing:

Earth’s “diarrhea attack:”

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The old BP coffee spill — can’t get enough of this one:

He’s Gumby, dammit:  

Sometimes oil and water do mix:

Spill kitties to the rescue, sort of:

So sorry, mate, but how ’bout those Beatles?


The wonderful world of Fox:

Click to see how BP rebrands itself as Baby Otter Smiles, Inc: