The popeHe sees you when you’re sleeping.Photo: Catholic Church, England and WalesSo the pope isn’t running America — not YET at least — but WikiLeaks today published a cable indicating he’s at least been pulling some strings on our behalf:

The Vatican agreed to help the United States in behind-the-scenes lobbying of states to join the Copenhagen Accord on climate change, a US embassy cable published by WikiLeaks showed Thursday.

The cable reported a meeting between diplomats at the US embassy to the Holy See and a Vatican official in charge of climate change talks, who “agreed to encourage other countries discreetly to associate themselves with the Accord.”

“‘Green’ pope supports US path forward from Copenhagen,” the cable said.

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According to Agence France-Presse, this is the first of pope-related leaks that will be dribbling out …

Including that The Vatican might make an electric popemobile:

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He emphasized the need to protect the environment in a New Year’s Day speech this year and has had solar panels installed in the Vatican. The Vatican is even thinking of launching an electric version of his famous “popemobile.”

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