Chris Christie.Photo: Bob Jagendorf9.  Chris Christie

Governor of New Jersey

Before: “In a Christie administration, we can and will enforce environmental protections while encouraging emerging industries to grow our economy and create sustainable jobs,” he said in October 2009, while reveling in the endorsement of the New Jersey Environmental Federation.

After: In May 2011, he pulled New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the only operational cap-and-trade system in the country. “The whole system is not working as it was intended to work. It is a failure,” he said — after he undermined its effectiveness by raiding $65 million from a RGGI-generated fund that was supposed to support energy efficiency and renewable energy. His pullout could “doom U.S. climate policy,” Brad Plumer speculates. On June 7, 2011, Christie said he planned to cut the state’s renewable-energy goal from 30 percent by 2021 to 22.5 percent.

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