This is poison:

If everyone agrees that we should do everything, why is it that we’re spending so much time talking about drilling, and less time on other measures like conservation and alternatives?

[Taylor Griffin, a spokesman for the McCain campaign] said because drilling is one area in energy policy where Obama and McCain disagree.

"We’re not talking about alternatives because we both support alternatives," he said.

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This is of course what the McCain campaign wants the public to think: that everyone agrees on renewables and efficiency, and the only fight is over drilling. McCain is "all of the above," Obama is "all of the above minus drilling."

That’s a fight Obama and the Dems can’t win.

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Of course it’s not true. Republicans have been blocking anything that supports renewables for years and years, and McCain has missed every opportunity to support renewables. His support for alternatives to fossil fuels (except for nuclear) is entirely rhetorical.