I channel surf (I’m a guy). I find something of interest and as soon as a commercial hits, I move on. I landed on Keith Olbermann’s show, Countdown, just as he was launching into Bush. I sat there shaking my head in awe. When Olbermann lets loose, he is intelligent, courageous, and articulate — the polar opposite of Glenn Beck, the smarmy bobblehead clown who also has a show that attempts to mix humor with news. One show is funny, the other comical. There’s a difference. One show is for smart guys, the other for dummies. Everybody is covered.

Here’s Olbermann:

Here’s Beck, doing what he does best (from earlier this year). If television had existed when Darwin published The Origin of Species, Beck would have been right there poking fun at a man who claimed we were descended from monkeys. The intellectual chasm is vast:

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