Welp. This is embarrassing for California’s Gov. Jerry Brown. There’s an ad campaign calling out Brown for allowing fracking in California, and it’s running on television this week. The videos feature famous people like comedian Kristina Wong and community activists like Juan Flores. The commercials range from pointing out that 90 percent of fracking wells are in Latino and low-income neighborhoods:

to calling out Dick Cheney’s role in fracking:

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to making the connection between climate change and fracking:

“Gov. Brown wants the world to think he is a ‘climate leader,’ but here in California we know that he is a climate hypocrite,” Flores, a Kern County community leader, said in a press release. “Here in my town of Shafter, fracking is contaminating our water, our food, and our kids’ hopes for a healthy future.”

Brown is heading to the Paris climate talks in two weeks. The California governor is often hailed as one of the great green politicians, and Flores will be going to Paris to call out Brown for allowing fracking. You can watch all of the commercials here.

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