Kurt Schrader, an Oregon state senator, veterinarian, Willamette Valley farmer, and Democratic candidate for Congress is now considered the favorite to win Oregon’s 5th District — the only competitive district in Oregon for either party. If he wins as predicted, he will beat a self-funded multimillionaire Republican who lost the same race in 2006 — and who pooh-poohs climate change. (And who appears to have a Michelle Bachmann level of self-destructiveness).

This page on Schrader’s website is fairly generic, but it does emphasize biomass, which is always an applause line in the district. (Oregon’s capital is in Salem, in Marion County, still the number one ag county in the state — insert joke about never-ending source of fertilizer here.)

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If Schrader wins, Gristies should know that he comes into office with copies of Joe Romm’s Hell and High Water, and Gar Lipow’s Cooling It, both handed to him personally at a meet-and-greet event sponsored by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters about six months ago.

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