A new report from the National Conference of State Legislatures is full to the brim with findings on American urbanism and transportation alternatives. They even mention environmental preservation 25 times!

Transportation, energy and environmental policies are inextricably linked. Today, 95 percent of the nation’s transportation is fueled by oil; transportation consumes about 28 percent of the nation’s energy and produces 27 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gases, second only to electricity generation.

But the report shows that more of that transportation is being powered by our own damn selves.

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And more transportation is being shared collectively.

The report promotes bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure (“proven to increase bicycling and walking and can support safer conditions for all transportation users”), light-rail and bus-rapid transit, pointing to experimental projects and success stories from government officials nationwide.

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You can read the full thing here (no cartoons, though, sorry) [PDF].