Mike Huckabee is the projected winner of the Iowa GOP caucuses, a surprising victory that puts him at the front of the pack in the Republican presidential race — at least until the New Hampshire primary next week. Huckabee is one of just two GOP candidates who support a cap-and-trade system to fight climate change (McCain is the other), although Huckabee hasn’t come out in support of any specific emission targets. In an interview with Grist earlier this year, Huckabee stressed the connection between his Christian faith and his desire to protect the environment. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama is the projected winner. Like all of the other Democratic candidates, he’s got a strong, ambitious plan to tackle climate and energy issues, which he described in an interview with Grist this summer. For a thorough look at the winners’ green stances, check out Grist’s fact sheets on Huckabee and Obama.